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Name: Vampmaid1912
Birthday: Sep 30 1994
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OK AM START OFF BY SAYING THAT I AM TAKEN! IF YOU INTEND TO MESSAGE ME PLEASE DON'T FLIRT OR SAY ANYTHING INAPPROPRIATE. THANKS Hello everyone I go by the name vampmaid. I believe in mermaids,vampires, and my favorite werewolves. For those who don't believe in them keep it to yourself please. I love learning new things about them and about the moon. Am looking for friends ONLY please. Everyone is a different world with different futures. My future is still a work in progress. How would you rate me?: 1. Crazy 2. I’d marry you 3. I’d date you 4. Sarcastic 5. I miss you 6. I’d kiss you 7. Beautiful 8. Smart 9. Unique 10. Jerk 11. Cute 12. I love you 13. Amazing 14. We should hang out 15. I never want to lose you 16. Babe 17. Sexy 18. Wish you were here 19. Wierd 20. Confusing Message me your response