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Name: FallenL666
Location: Somewhere between this world and Hell .....
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 15 Aug 2016
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I've locked myself away & destroyed the key, there is no way you can save me. Yet, as the battle rages on around me, my tower shall be the only thing standing, as flame & shadow tear apart my world brick by brick and I'm trapped inside a castle, bearing no way to save myself from the shuddering wind and nameless guards. They rain down their Cry's and moans, while I lay in the covered cavrn cold.......
You can't save me, you have already tried without knowing it, and it's pointless to continue.....
Hello & welcome to my profile, where you glimpse who I am, although you will never truly understand, who I am. The name is Liya, but feel free to call me Spike ( Liya or Spike... take your pick ). I'm a broken & tormented soul, trapped inside my mind. But, I am not all dark, for specks of light fight their way in. I believe in a balance that binds all things together. I've learned that balance is the only way I can keep myself sane.... too much darkness & I'm your worst nightmare bent on rasing Hell... too much light & I'm your guardian angel bent on protecting the good and forgetting what happens to me. So, balance is key....
I do not follow a certain religion. I have my beliefs and I am fine with them. My path is my own and it's what I wish.... I am strongly connected to Mother Nature & the dark things that go bump in the night. I enjoy the company of demons & the fay.
An overview of me ....
Totem Animal: Bear
Spirit Guides: Owl, bear & Serpent
Hobbies: Reading, poetry, & the arts
Fav. People/Characters: Edgar Allan Poe, Jack Skellington, The Mad Hatter, Stitch, Albert Einstein, & Shakespeare
Sexual orientation: Straight ( no Flirting )
Fav. Crystal: Amethyst
Fav. Incense: Dragons Blood ( I love the smell of it, when I burn it )
Fav. Time period: Medieval & Renaissance
My Best Characteristic: Intelligence
I have a vast knowledge on many different subjects, so if you require help, just ask....