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Name: ShadyUsimaki
Birthday: Oct 15 1998
Location: in a space between 2 different realities
Gender: Male
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READ MY BIO Welcome to my account. New viewers just call me Shadow until I feel like telling you my real name. My last account was gagged I'm not going to make this one gagged. I need a person that can read the furture please thanks. If you want to Role Play Just put RP as the subject. I RP high school (example: My name is Shadow Wolf and I go Yushou High. Im in the Mystikal Arts of The Multiverse Clube.) Magic RP is also what i can do as well with SAO RP. Also im taken by the love of my life hands off if you try anything to hurt her i will make sure that will be the last thing you will ever do Root: under-active (-62%) Sacral: open (19%) Navel: under-active (-31%) Heart: under-active (-31%) Throat: open (25%) Third Eye: open (31%) Crown: under-active (-12%)