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Name: KarleyHanson
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Hi everyone my name is Karley but you can call me Karlz. Anyways i will firstly say I have aspergers syndrome. But other than that i hope we can get along. I'm new to magic and tips would be appreciated very much. I am a nature witch that has always had a deep spiritual bond with animals. I'm a gentle person with kind intentions. I'm also one of the strongest people you'll ever meet too. I practice both white and black magick My spiritual guardian is a dragon named eclipse he is also my familiar as well as dogs and dolphins. Ever since I was a helpless newborn I can remember four cats that my mom and dad owned that would sit at each corner of the crib guarding me. I will NOT be a teacher, I might cast a spell for you depending on what it is. I have a dark and twisted mind but not a dark and twisted heart. Please do not talk about bees or anything that falls into that category because I got stung and traumatized at the age of three. Also do NOT talk about that one movie a bugs life because it brings back bad memories and it freaks me out! I'm also REALLY tall. 6'0. That's it, have a nice day/night and take care!