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Name: Stormheart
Location: roaming the ice and snow
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ive been gone a long time from this mentor on here had to leave, because of something really bad (please do not ask me what happened if you know her, she asked me not to talk about it), so out of respect i stayed away too...ive changed alot in the meantime better with my magic...i even started teaching my friends about magic and paganism, and i founded a coven called moonsongs to teach them and others from our town. we are a small coven, and i think it is best that way.
****NOTE:please do ignore my posts from october 2008 and back, that was when i was immature and silly. i am now a different person. i wont delete them as that would be inconsiderate to the other people who posted there. so they shall remain, a testament to how i feel i have improved.****
im back since i kinda had a personal revelation...its something i think would be best to keep to myself for now, but i know there are others here who have the same experiences and feelings...i wish to get to know them better, and learn more.
my magical interests include most any form of magick...if i dont practice it i am at least interested in it and enjoy reading about it...if you need help with something feel free to ask, i enjoy helping others. if nothing else i can point you to someplace or someone who is skilled at what you wish to know.