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Name: SnowShadow
Birthday: Jan 1 1999
Location: everywhere you see darkness you see me, every time you see a lost child you see me, every time you see someone siting alone you see me. I'm everywhere yet I'm nothing
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 15 Feb 2016
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I believe in darkness and light I know that one day this world will see the power with in lost souls and everyone will know that pain is only in our minds. I want to see a world where we all are connected by magic a world I have see only in my dreams. One day they will no longer call me stupid, crazy, and polythetic one day they will also believe in all the power with in I Study Dark Magic and have use it only a few times I don't like hurting good people so I only used it on evil souls I can read auras and I can do dark magic very well.....I thank but who really knows!!!! I also do voodoo Magic when I feel someone has done me wrong. I can also take auras and use that energy for myself when I feel weak or I'm unhealthy. I see ghost and try to help them move to the next stage of death (only few will understand) I will one day pass on this power of seeing ghost to someone with the light of only few. This spell will help you understand my life more What you will need * Lavender flower/incense/scent * 1 white tall candle (for GOOD spirits) * 1 black tall candle (for BAD spirits) * 2 small candles of any color * A tissue with tears from both your eyes * A pair of earrings or headphones (For bad spirits) you will also need a cross and salt First, light the lavender insence, crush the lavender flower or spray the scent. Then on a flat surface, place the candles with the tall candle in the middle of the two small ones. If you are trying to reach bad spirits, now arm yourself with a cross and put salt around the candles. Now take the tissue with your tears on it. Bunch it up and put it in the flame of the largest candle. BE CAREFUL. Take the pair of earrings or headphones and place them under the two small candles. Say the following chant 4 times: Spirits are around me each and everyday. Their ghostly arms surround me and carry me away. I know they are around me all the time. I wish that I could hear them, see them. So mote it be. (do not say So mote it be until you have said the first four lines first four times or the spell will not work) You may feel lighter after saying the chant. Shake it off and blow out the candles. This ability will only last for up to an hour at a time. Feel free to send me a message anytime if you have any question for me I will try my best to answer them :D