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Name: EntrancedObs
Birthday: Mar 27 1980
Location: Kenosha, Wisconsin
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The darkest, coldest, rainiest nights Let us be blessed from the Gods and Goddess above.. Open the Universe to our minds and souls and free us to who we really are! Make us in line with earth, wind, fire, and water. All the elements together grant us power O Goddess O Gods, please give me a sign, direct me on the right path to greatness. Give a sign on what path i should take. I lust and love for my only one, the moon, stars, the sun, are really as one.. Make sure the evil doesn't rid or else it will never know..
With that said, my actual name is Jon. EntrancedObs is short for Entranced Obsession which is my witch name. I have always loved reading and watching about witchcraft, magic, and anything Wicca. Now I make it my full past time to study it, know it, breath it, and BELIEVE it. I have mainly experienced amazing happens through mind power and chanting. My long time goal is to gain the knowledge to start my own world wide coven open to Wiccan's of all walks of the earth so our knowledge base would be to the max and it will expand in to one of the biggest coven's in the world. Think about it, with a group combined of Wiccan's of all kinds, there wouldn't be a day where you wouldn't learn something new. Anyone that want's to chat, exchange knowledge, what ever it may be as long as it is Wicca related please contact me and friend me. The world is ran on magic, it is our job to make the magic to run the world the way we wish it to be...