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Name: Zephyrahs
Birthday: Jul 9 1992
Location: Ziahcayre
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 20 Jun 2020
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I am a devote satanist and demonkin.
I do not turn people dont ask.
I teach if you're lucky.
I haven't been on in quite some time. There were things that I had to deal with.
I am done completely being mister nice guy. For too long I've let myself be used by those around me, those that I thought cared for me. Not that I'm gonna be a complete a$$ho!# but it is definitely gonna be a change if you knew me from before, unless I really trusted you. And only then if you didn't screw me over. Well that sounds pretty jaded and I'm feeling that way at the moment. But overall I am a good guy, I just done being used.
Hit me up if you wish. I will be on here on and off for some time still. Life sucks but its okay too.
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