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Name: Arakkias92
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My name is Dakota, I generally go by DJ. I'm the oldest of 9 kids, am mostly Irish decent.
I've always been attracted to (and seemingly pulled towards) magics and the arcane. I am Christian by upbringing, holding on to a bit of that still as I've gone through life. My beliefs are pretty different though, so if you want to know just ask and we can talk :)
I've always been sensitive to energies and unseen things around me, most noticeably the emotional energies of people around me. After discovering common ground with a friend in Australia who is a Gardenarian Wiccan, I've begun my journey of enlightenment to the true world around me.
So to summarize, I'm simply looking to expand on my knowledge and experience of spiritual and magical matters. Looking for guidance and teaching, as well as conversation with others like me and learning as much as I can about the true nature of all of this.