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Name: saccharinity
Birthday: Sep 24 2001
Last Seen: Fri, 22 Dec 2017
Membership: Member

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Firstly, my name is Cassidy, people call me Cass, though. I don't mind if you call me Cass. If you wanna call me by something else, please tell me what that is and I'm sure I'll be okay with it! Aside from that, I am thirteen years old, returning here after a few years. Oh god, my old account is from my weeaboo days. I've improved a ton with grammar, thankfully... I am pangender; you can call me by any pronouns you'd like. I am also pansexual and demi-panromantic, I am also taken. My anniversary is on December 11th, with my lovely girlfriend-- It will have been a whole year~! ;v;||||| I'm extremely silly, I'm only ever serious when I want to make a good first impression. You may think I'm serious and stuff, but I can lose the grammar and get silly very quickly! Ahaha, I don't know if that's a good thing or not... But I'm a silly girl~. I like anime but I don't watch it as much anymore. I mostly roleplay and play otome games and stuff- I love otome games. My favourite is Hatoful Boyfriend-- It's wonderful! (I recommend it to everyone, it's only four dollars!) I'm quick to make new friends and I'm very accepting. I am a very sensitive girl, in truth; arguing with my friends makes me sad, and I get sad when I think someone's mad at me, etc... But that's nothing important, right? I love sweet foods. Junk food is amazing. I feel like I'm constantly craving Oreos... But, I also love strawberries! Strawberries are amazing~. Aside from that, I like ramen when I'm planning to chill and watch Netflix, but for real food, I like chicken, especially spicy chicken; I also like macaroni and cheese, Italian or French bread, etc. Vanilla chai lattes are nice~ Oh, and cannoli cake is my favourite kind of cake! I love birds. Birds and cats. I have way too many cats, though. Birds are great-- I want a mourning dove or a golden pheasant... They're beautiful! I like to look at the birds in the morning and hear them sing~. Um... I must warn you that my language sometimes gets foul, but I'm going to make sure to not swear at all on here. (Do damn, hell and crap count as swears...? If not, I'll be swear-free!) As for on Twitter, I swear a whole lot. I'm Wiccan, I do not believe in any gods, I instead worship the nature outside- Most of the time I do not perform any rituals or magick or anything like that... But when I do, I can assure you that it isn't black magick or anything bad, I'm not evil--! ;v;|||| I grew up with my mother, sister, and two brothers- One of my brothers moved out years ago, though, and lives in California now. My father passed away when I was three and never really got to meet my sister. I got my artistic talent from my father, he was a tattoo artist who also enjoyed sketching in his free time, or so I've heard. My family has always been rather crazy... Ahaha. Lovely, eh? This is getting very long, so, I'll just stop here. If you have any more questions about me, go ahead and PM me if necessary!