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Name: EponaRose
Birthday: Jan 26 1995
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About me.... I go by the name EponaRose. I am always willing to help someone with something, as long as they are sincere in asking. I also am willing to learn from whatever you have to teach. I am straight forward, and I will not spare your feelings. I speak my opinion, and I really don't care if you like it. You want honesty, I am the best person to talk to. I am a Parapsychologists, and yes, I do have a PhD. I can answer many questions about paranormal encounters, as well as PK (psychokinesis) and ESP. If you want to know more, message me. Pet Peeves: There are many, but I will only list the worst of them. People who tkl lyk dis. It gives me a headache, and I will probably ignore your message, no matter how urgent it is. I will not even read it. When you don't include a subject line. I most likely will not respond with much urgency. It could take me months to view the message even. It will be when I am bored, and have nothing better to do-that is when I will read your message. Abuse. I don't tolerate it, especially since I myself was a victim of it for many years. I will shove a cactus through your spine slowly if I see it. Now for my good side. I love animals, fluffy things, and I am "emo". I love cookies. Bacon aficionado. Pop-tart monster. I am like a gremlin when I don't have coffee. I don't like to use violence, but I do when it is necessary. I am in college, majoring in the medical field. I practice many things, although I study much more. *=practicing. Without the asterisk, it just means I study it. Herbology Necromancy Aeromancy Chaos magic* Healing magic* Elemental* Arcane* Mental Astrology Voodoo Shaminism Aeromancy Pyromancy* Tarot Ouija I will always help with learning. I usually will not help with a spell unless it is necessary. I will guide you through the steps, create a spell, and even lend you some energy. However, if you message me about the following topics, good luck. Can you change me into a _______? The answer is always no. There is no way to become a werewolf, vampire, fox...etc. I am a vampire, and I need blood. Will you give me some? I have been asked this multiple times now, and my answer will always be the same. You are not a vampire, and you should never ask people for their blood. You can not have mine. Will you do a spell for me? If it is something of a serious matter and you can't do it on your own, or if it requires multiple people to do it (and I recommend the spell), then I more than likely will help. Otherwise...no. Where do you buy magic from? You are born with it. You cannot buy magic, and you create your own throughout your life. Energy can be borrowed, but never bought. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I don't mind, and I am always happy to have a conversation. I am usually up all day and night, so it is rare I am not on doing something. I can usually be found in the chatter, so if you need me, and I don't see you messaged me, try to find me there and p/m me. Blessed be everyone! :)