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Waxing Crescent
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Liusaidh's Profile

Member Info
Name: Liusaidh
Location: New York
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 27 Aug 2015
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Not very good at typing these so I'll try my best.... My name is Liusaidh, I'm 40 years old. I'm often referred to as a "green witch" due to my knowledge of herbalism and ritualistic healing practices. I am flattered by that however I wouldn't describe myself like that. I grew up in the country surrounded by nothing but what nature has to offer which inspired my love for learning about herbs and animals. I do not believe in Light or dark magic aka Black and White. To be quite honest sounds strange, our problem is that we see to half's of one thing that's actually a whole of itself and cannot flourish without the other. I've always had a talent for seeing the truth within a lie and a seeker for a specific answer or clue. When I was 21 I was initiated into the Order of the White Current, a group of men a women across the world who have the natural gift of seeing. I cannot tell you much about our Order in my public bio, h but if you mail me I may say a bit more if you're interested in joining. To further my knowledge on the human body, medicine, and life itself I attended Harvard University where about two years ago I've received my Ph.D in Microbiology and Immunology. After my time at Harvard I moved to New York, where I now work at Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology. I've also assisted with research at the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I've always been fascinated with Greek Mythology and Norse Mythology. I just recently came back from Greece with my sister, a very exciting trip that I won't forget. I'm sorry I didn't mention more of what I was knowledgeable in I'd rather you ask me however in the beginning of my bio I gave some clues. :D A few notes: Do not mail me asking for me to teach you, I can guide you through the path you're going down or give you references to what you maybe looking for. I do NOT take students so please don't ask. :D If you're interested in becoming a friend and getting to know me feel free to mail me, I'm on vacation right now so getting a response back is highly likely. If I don't respond right away rest assured I will at some point. If you mail me disrespectful things it will be deleted, and I won't answer. Also do not mail me asking if I can help you turn into a fairy, mermaid, werewolf, etc... I do not have time to be bothered with silly, childish things. Yes I'd love to be one as much as you do however it's impossible to become one under any circumstance and they do not exist. If you have a question regarding Biology or any field that you'd think I'd have useful knowledge of please feel free to ask, I will help you to the best of my ability. ^_^ Sigh.... I know this was super long and if you've made it through it all thank you for taking an interest in me, it truly means a lot. Have a wonderful day