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shorty37334's Profile

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Name: shorty37334
Location: 4110 turning leaf court
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 19 Sep 2008
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
im am a white witch from tennessee. My families whole lineage is based on white witches.I have two brothers and a sister.Ashley, my younger sister.She represents the element of air and the direction of west.Shelby my older brother represents the element fire and the direction of east.Billy my younger brother represents the element of water and the direction of south. I represent the element of earth and the direction of north. Together we create the four elements and the four directions. We follow all of the cults guidelines and proceedures makig sure to only practice life magic.Dark magic is a demons calling card and therefore we are never allowed to use it. Me and my older brother shelby are both redheads and come from a celtic background and history although we were born in the united states. Together our magic is stronger.Billy and ashley the youngest of the four of us come from: billy from a scottish lineage and ashley from an indian lineage together thier magic is stronger. I don't really understand how Ashley came about her magic but my understanding is she got part of it from our mother and part of it from her great great grandmother Arenia (uhreeneeuh).Together all four of us create the purest and most unstoppable life magic on earth that i know of.Although we've never put it to the test we have combined our magic before and recieved a shocking affect, which sad to say we haven't tried agian since then.We were not strong enough to control it then and were not to sure about now.My youngest sister has currently decided to refuse the practice and struggles not to use her magic.She will accept it someday im sure although i can't say when.ME I follow in my mothers footsteps to become the priestess of the family. For now i learn what she teaches me.The guideline i follow are simple.Thou shalt not curse, thou shalt not harm or intend harm with any magic cast. thou shalt not practice dark magi,and a few of my mothers own rules. I will not use my magic for personal gain and i will not use my magic to heal myself.For you see it doesn't work because im a white witch and personal gain spells and self healing spells back fire on me. I can heal animals, deamons, mortals, and immortals, i can create any spell, that actually works, that i want to, but i can never never use it for myself.My mom taught me some of theses things, and well, others i learned the hard way.My mom is our center she guides our magic and teaches us how to control or expand it.We are learning somethign new everyday and soon my time to leave the circle will come, but i will always know when they need me because all they have to do is use the calling spell. We'll always stand by each other and protect each other but sometimes i wonder if we'll ever drift and lose our essance to something far greater than we can imagine.I know something dark is coming i can feel it and i know other witches can to but i dont know when or how, and in truth i think that is what scares me the most. My only question now is can we unite and survive something so great in dark magic or will it lead to the end of life magic?