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tomino's Profile

Member Info
Name: tomino
Location: Hell
Last Seen: Wed, 15 Jul 2015
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
H-hello, everyone...just call me Tomino.I-I can't really post my bio, so I suppose if you want to know, you can ask...but please don't call me names, or anything... (N) Smoked a cigarette (N) Drank Alcohol (N) Drank so much you threw up (Y) Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back (N) Been arrested (N) Gone on a blind date (N) Skipped school (Y) Seen someone die (N) Been out of your country (Y) Been on a plane (Y) Been lost (N) Been on the opposite side of the country (N) Swam in the ocean (Y) Felt like dying... (Y) Cried yourself to sleep (N) Played cops and robbers (N) Recently colored with crayons (N) Paid for a meal with only coins? (Y) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? (N) Made prank phone calls (N) Caught a snowflake on your tongue? (Y) Danced in the rain (N) Written a letter to Santa Claus (N) Been kissed under the mistletoe (N) Watched the sun rise with someone you care about (Y) Blown bubbles (N) Made a bonfire on the beach (N) Crashed a party (N)Gone roller-skating (Y) Own a knife (Y) Got in a fight and lost (Y) Got in a fight a won (N) Gone to court (N) Love some one (Y) Hate some one (Y) Thinks some ones hates you (N) Straight (N) Gay (Y) Bi (N) Works out (N) Has a tattoo (Y) Loves life (Y) Wants to die but not kill them self when stressed or sad (N) Wants to kill them self (Y) Has ever cut (N) Is a drama king/queen (N) Doesn't care what people think (Y) Cares what people think (Y) Has more then 1 friend _____________________________________________________ Tomino no Jigoku (Tomino's Hell) --- Saijo Yaso --- ane wa chi wo haku, imoto wa hihaku, His older sister vomited blood, his younger sister vomited fire, kawaii tomino wa tama wo haku And the cute Tomino vomited glass beads. hitori jihoku ni ochiyuku tomino, Tomino fell into Hell alone, jigoku kurayami hana mo naki. Hell is wrapped in darkness and even the flowers don't bloom. muchi de tataku wa tomino no aneka, Is the person with the whip Tomino's older sister, muchi no shubusa ga ki ni kakaru. I wonder who the whip's shubusa(?) is. tatake yatataki yare tataka zutotemo, Hit, hit, without hitting, mugen jigoku wa hitotsu michi. Familiar Hell's one road. kurai jigoku e anai wo tanomu, Would you lead him to the dark Hell, kane no hitsu ni, uguisu ni. To the sheep of gold, to the bush warbler. kawa no fukuro ni yaikura hodoireyo, I wonder how much he put into the leather pocket, mugen jigoku no tabishitaku. For the preparation of the journey in the familiar Hell. haru ga kitesoru hayashi ni tani ni, Spring is coming even in the forest and the stream, kurai jigoku tanina namagari. Even in the stream of the dark Hell. kagoni yauguisu, kuruma ni yahitsuji, The bush warbler in the birdcage, the sheep in the wagon, kawaii tomino no me niya namida. Tears in the eyes of cute Tomino. nakeyo, uguisu, hayashi no ame ni Cry, bush warbler, toward the raining forest imouto koishi to koe ga giri. He shouts that he misses his little sister. nakeba kodama ga jigoku ni hibiki, The crying echo reverberates throughout Hell, kitsunebotan no hana ga saku. The fox penoy blooms. jigoku nanayama nanatani meguru, Circling around Hell's seven mountains and seven streams, kawaii tomino no hitoritabi. The lonely journey of cute Tomino. jigoku gozarabamo de kitetamore, If they're in Hell bring them to me, hari no oyama no tomebari wo. The needle of the graves. akai tomehari date niwa sasanu, I won't pierce with the red needle, kawaii tomino no mejirushini. In the milestones of little Tomino.