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Name: Paganismos
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I'm a student and avid reader. A lot has changed about my views since being off of here and such. Right now, I am currently an First Degree initiate of the New York Wica Trad style of BTW. My High Priest is an awesome guy, and hopefully I become more acquainted with the people in the tradition as well as people on here. New York Wica is orthopraxic in nature rather than orthodoxic as each Core of the coven is passed on (such as elevations and initiations) but each coven takes on a different view of spirituality. Experience makes up for this.

Spirit is within us all, all is with spirit.

Oh, and please don't message me about vampires, werewolves, etc. I cannot stress the fact that I've met many other newbies to Paganism, Wicca, etc. who believed wholeheartedly that you could become one. It's literally impossible to change the complex and nuanced caveatsof genetics and evolutionary biology. Thank you.