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Name: RachelSirian
Birthday: May 16 1999
Location: Florida
Gender: Female
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Hey, I'm Rachel. I like all types of magic. I'm a crystal girl; I love studying crystals and chakras and things of the sort. I'm very different in my personal views and beliefs than most people. I'm not the type of person who thinks magic always needs to be a certain way and you should and shouldn't do certain types. I say do whatever you want and whatever you deserve will come back to you. I'm open minded to everything the Universe holds and I'm just a person searching for discovery and new ideas. I love things that are strange and or dark. I'm an empath although I don't use my empathy very often. I'm a person in search for wisdom and truth. I love all types of science and I study Astronomy and Quantum physics. I believe in reincarnation. I'm a person of high ambition and intuition. My main goal in life is to not only learn but bring my unique knowledge and ideas into the world to change life for the better of humanity. I'm a very compassionate person and I love all people.