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Name: Emokid364
Birthday: Apr 11 2002
Location: Southeastern North America
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I am a Wiccan, but finding my own personal path. I am very down to Earth and open-minded, and a pacifist. I love to discuss different types of witchcraft, and how to use it. I don't like arguing about topics that seem controversial. I will respect you as long as you respect me.
Update: I'm am now on my own personal path of magick. I practice many traditional forms of magick, and would be happy to help anyone who is in need.
Update: I am still growing my personal path, now practice many forms of divination, including:
Palmistry, Crystal gazing, Spirit Board
Reading, Crystal Scrying, and a few other
I can make hand sewn Spell Dolls, Spell bags, spell jars, spells in general. I do a ton of kitchen, green, and house witchery. If you ever need any help with anything listed above, don't be shy, just send me some mail.