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Name: Stormingwolf
Birthday: Sep 30 2000
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 08 Nov 2021
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This line is the first thing you read on my profile...Which impression do you have now, and what will you think later?
Opinions...Thoughts....What are they to you?
I should really try to update my bio.
There, now a new line is added.
Let's change this up a little.
Feel free to send a message, I'm always up for a chat.
--------------Personal Information------------------------------------------
Name: Storm
Age: 20
Relationship: Taken by Enigmawolf
Mood: Odd
Likes: Talking to others, creating videos, writing scripts and being kind to others.
Dislikes: Lies
Religion: None
Sanity: Normal
Personality: Passive and kind.
--------------People Important to Me---------------------------
Purple04 : You...You have been a friend for a long time, I must thank you for your kindness.

Zyanwolf2 : I talked to you even longer...I'm glad that we're still friends.

Enigmawolf : You're an extraordinary person, one I am glad to have met
This description doesn't really do you justice anymore...
I am truly thankful to have you by my side..

-------------Magical Studies------------------------------------

I currently aspire to learn energy manipulation and the basics..
--------------Other Information-----------------------------------
Time will pass, yet I remain here.
I am here to listen, to all of you.
Please, tell me your story.
To answer the question that was given in the first line...
Has your opinion changed?
Our life is a story with many twists and turns, it changes depending on what you do and what happens to you, please, tell me how your story unfolds.
"I am but a person among the masses of humanity...."
"I am easily replaceable"
An untold story, hidden behind a facade. Suffering.
An outsider looking in, unable to intervene.
My bio slowly gets longer, new lines get added every so often...
A neutral state of mind is needed to review one's life without pain.
When one is overwhelmed with emotion....One needs to be patient and judge their actions accordingly.

When burdens return, one has to just smile through them...Or else they take all the blame.