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Name: charligal
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Hi, the magickal name is Vivienne Talise and I have always been drawn to Pagan belief systems and ideologies. I have been practicing a Wiccan path for a little while now and have been dedicating a lot of my time to educating myself, reading, researching and applying the knowledge I find.

Besides that, I'm a creativity addict who loves to create art and beautiful things. I am an artist and I LOVE to paint!! I have been working in creative industries for over 5 years and in my free time I love to sing, vlog and do photo shoots.

I hope to expand my knowledge and meet some like minded people here :) Feel free to inbox me for a chat, advice or to share knowledge. Please no role players though. I am serious about my craft and don't wish to be wasting time with those who aren't serious about it as well. Otherwise I'm a pretty friendly gal who likes to meet new people.

For anyone interested, I'm keeping a blog on my journey here:

As an aside, I don't cast spells for others at the moment. However, I am happy to offer advice and to try and help you out if you have any spell related questions.