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Name: VestaStrega
Birthday: Dec 3 1995
Location: WA
Gender: Female
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I'm going to be totally honest. I am mainly into witchcraft and I am looking to possibly get into the religion part. I just learned about Wicca a few months ago. Everything about it seems so beautiful. I have a small BoS started. I have herbs for crafting and runes also. I just want to be a part of a coven so I may learn more and share what I know which isn't much but soon it will be!:) ABOUT ME: I am extremely creative! I have always been hands on and that's s big reason why I got into wicca I have choose the name Vesta Strega because it means female fire witch. I was born under the fire element and I have the passion that the flame gives I would like to some time maybe start a coven of 4. Female only. And all fire witches I love the moon! The moon is always been my sons favorite thing which makes me happy. I want to to an altar for the moon someday. I want to give my self to the earth one step at a time. BLESSED BE ERVERYONE!

Root: under-active (-38%) Sacral: open (38%) Navel: under-active (0%) Heart: open (31%) Throat: open (44%) Third Eye: open (62%) Crown: open (31%)