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Rosie1wicca's Profile

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Name: Rosie1wicca
Location: Kingston upon Hull uk
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 23 Aug 2014
Membership: Member

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How i see life I?m right and so are you. Paganism is about finding out what works for you. Your religious choice isn?t ?wrong,? it?s just not for me. Why limit deity by the belief that there?s only one path to the divine? I?m a Pagan because I believe in the god's and goddess's all of them, ancient and modern Paganism offers me the opportunity to interact with the gods in ways that work for me. I practice Wicca because the rituals work. Wiccan Ritual is not a sit on your hands type of experience, it?s an experience full of energy and provides the tools I need to seek the divine. Wiccan ritual is transcendent, it allows me to see things outside of the day to day mundane world. I am a part of the Earth, not apart from it. My holidays and rites are influenced by the turn of the seasons (wheel) and the sacred is always just outside my front door. I have my hubby and kids my mum (Pauline my best friend love the time we spend together shopping especially if it's near your birthday and I get to buy your present whilst I'm in town with you so glad I have you as a mum , my dad Fred my brothers rob and andy . Michael my husband (skully my babba) hes my rock , my sole mate , and we have our 2 girls Nina and Beth our 2 boys Sean and David and our beautiful granddaughters Lilly and millie , rob is married to Becky they have two sons jack and Sam and their daughter lucie this is our family complete everything in my life has happened for a reason weve had knocks but they lead us to bigger and better things the only thing i Would change is my health but what will be will be xxx add on 16/06/2014 It's the saddest part of my life right now ,for some reason I never thought the day would arrive and I was defiantly not ready for the event that took place on 15/01/2014 my beautiful mum passed over to her next part of her life in the summer lands she was taken very suddenly and was not expected mum had only just been given the all clear from her doctor every test she had done came back how my mum and her doctor hoped that was on the Monday the last conversation I had with mum Shenandoah just got back from the doctors when she rang me mum was in high spirit she had been out shopping buying new clothes , shoes , new hair colour and cut how mum liked it , every 6 weeks dad treated mum to getting her hair done as a treat she loved been fussed over having things like this done we spoke on the phone for about an hour it was a real up beat talk we planned for mum the following Saturday for her to come through and see me and mike and kids we even arranged time bus she was getting so there was no clues to what was to come just two days later it was 15/01/2014 some time in the afternoon my husband took the call I couldn't really here on the phone but I knew he was talking to our daughter nina , mike shouted me in to the sitting room and told me to sit down he didn't have to say out I said it's my dad what's happened he said he's had a heart attack so I gathered some things together met our daughter nina and drove to York, roads were clear got through ok got car parked and went to a + e at York district hospital went up to the desk and said come to see my dad Fred Daniel they could not find him on screen I was getting passed myself I was starting to think have they sorted him out at home and he's ok then a nurse came and said are you sure it's Fred Daniel I said yes and she took me! my husband and daughter to a relatives room and straight away I noticed my brother ( andy) I smiled he didn't smile back my other brother( rob) was there my dad said rose I'm sorry (in my head he was going to say you have a wasted journey I'm ok ) but then for some reason I looked around the room again and said where's mum followed by no no where is she and then it hit me it wasn't dad it was mum she had an heart attack and she couldn't be saved I just felt like a small child wanting my mummy (dad looked in shock and said did you think it was me I felt awful saying yes but the mix up came from mixed up words my sister in law saying to my daughter it's your grandma but my kids always called mum nana so when grandma was said nina straight away thought she had said grandad because were always expect a call that my dad was in hospital for different things it was a simple mistake just a double shock ), the nurse said do you want to see her and I said yes no thinking needed I went in. the room where she was rested she looked a sleep she still had colour the only thing that looked different was she didn't have her famous smile on her face I went over again like a young child crying mummy what have you gone for you've gone to soon I kissed her forehead and looked at her it was as if she smiled and I took it that she was saying that's it I can go Rosie's here then my legs just went michael at one side of me and my brother rob at my other side caught me before I went to my knees I won't write any more now but it was her heart and she has left a big hole in mine love you mummy bear sleep tight and keep a place for me until we are reunited love you forever Rosie Xxx