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nate2010's Profile

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Name: nate2010
Location: united states
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 22 Aug 2009
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
my name is nathan and im 16. im new to this but im willing to learn. if you want to help i want to listen. i really want to learn healing magic so i can help those in need or help my friends and family.i am starting to do well in healling magic and i wish to continue learning so that one day i may teach to heal using differnt techniks.i live in brown county Indiana out in the middle of nowhere. i plan on going to college to become a docter. i am currently a junior in high school. i have met a very good friend who's name is mars844. best of luck to mars844 and i hope all ur powers come through full and powerful. in the end, those bound together by fate will lead us to peace and prosperity. as we walk together we understand our differences and use them to make us one being who holds immence power, the world will surely notice and learn to share thier differences so we may become strong as a whole. we live, we breath, all together. but many are dumb to the fact that we are the same. why is there always pain,hate,anger,and greed in our world? we few work together to make peace with our hearts and in time we trust our lives with our friends and they become our family that we love and care for. why cant people see the way we live and learn from the things we teach? will this world ever know harmony? we all live in darkness but we still see the hope. maybe our hope is the sun or maybe our hope is the smal twikle of a lone star finding its way in the night sky. it doeant matter where it comes from, just as long as it comes. never give up never give. dont hide behide a dark mask, let me see your face and your smile. we choose to survive and we choose to care. my choice is to change the world a person at a time. my work will never be finished but soon my work will become our work as the youth of this place full of hate arise and become enlightend to thier destiny. in the end may we all live in peace for our future and our childrens future. we think family is only has to do with relatives. but in time we learn we can gain a brother or sister. so the same and so different. no matter the color no matter the language we can all be a family. stuck in a world with hate and tears we can can confide in each other our secretes in them which others can not know. with every breath and every care we will fight for them, protect them because we are all the same we are all family i am a master of minds with a mind that wishes to master our truths. while cold and scared we learn to cope and work together. to build a world is to build a being. we fill our lives with love and kindness. we learn to show pride which is mans downfall but we few see pride and let it pass by while we live our lives in solitude dreaming of our perfect future. with the knowledge we gain we yern to help the ones around us so they can can see what they can do . with love and peace we fight for their future as time flows by as just a dream we know the world is dyning in need. who stand to fight for the weak who will stand and die for them? will we whos power hsa change stand to fight. i dont know. i will surely go and stand at the side of the weak and defenceless. if i must i shall stand alone as time go by. would you? with much love nathan