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Name: FearofFear
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Hi everyone, I'm called Fear (or LadyFaust if you know me by my other profile) and I am a 5ish year practitioner in the occult. I follow the path of Spiritual Satanism, though at the moment I am looking to study Wicca because my girlfriend recently adopted that path. I like to help anyone I can concerning anything really, over the years I have earned a decent library of knowledge so I'll do my best!
There is nothing I hate more than ignorance (and no I'm not dissing anyone here :P). By this I mean that knowledge should not be kept secret. Why do you think it spreads so fast once it's out there? It craves to be shared, it cannot be contained, it will be discovered (or re-discovered if forgotten) eventually without a doubt.
I love seeing new people coming to this site or to books about anything really, though I still think plenty more people need to learn the weight and power of knowledge. The more you learn and understand, the more control you will have over your life, so learn all you can with all your being!
We can all do a favor to each other by sharing what we know, giving and receiving at the same time.
Fair Blessings,