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Name: BrooklynnP
Birthday: May 23 1994
Location: Hamburg-Mitte, Germany
Last Seen: Wed, 28 Oct 2015
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Status: jolly rancher time! Quote: Fall for the love of me Crawl for the love of me Drool for the love of my virulent sway. I grow more master the faster the days, Lilith immaculate! CoF --------- When messaging me, send a message saying "yeah" or "ok" Wil not receive a response Brooklynn Peterson a.k.a Sursie Merkel My best friends say I'm my own breed >X3 Eclectic Wiccan Fire performer Relationship Status: Interested in someone but Idk what to do about it XD I'm a Gemini I'm a body modification freak. Favourite piercing is a fish hook corset I'm obsessed with hair extensions and Cyberlox I'm going to school to be a Leather costume designer I'm a Majour Whovian, Potterhead abd ASDF fan I am a proud follower of the Gothic Subculture (YAY PETER MURPHY) I am from Berlin I'm blunt and honest but especially towards Poser Goths I'm Pansexual and Genderqueer I love Puppies, Snakes, bunnies, birds,kitties, and members of the Gerbil family. Smoke: yes Drink: yes Hard Drugs: No ------------ My favorite bands Are the following but not limited to: Lord of the lost Culture Club/ Boy George Berlin Express Second Decay U.K Decay Nick Cave and The Bad seeds Eths (With Candace not the newest singer) Agonoize Volbeat Cabaret Voltaire Creature Feature Blutengel Terminal Choice SeelenNacht Black Veil Brides The Cure Bauhaus L'Ame immortelle Joy Division A flock of seagulls Cradle of Filth Dimmu Borgir Behemoth Gothminister Combichrist Grendel Suicide Commando Nachtmahr One-Eyed Doll Beethoven Pantera Danzig/The Misfits Metallica AC/DC Deathstars Ad Inferna Tristesse de La Lune Hocico Xmal Deutschland Witching Hour Voodoo Church Nightmoves Sebastian Bach Elvis Billy Idol David Bowie Anna-Varney Cantodea X-rx Die Krupps X-Fusion 13 bats All gone dead Trillium Velvet acid Christ Stendal Blast Centhron Phosgore Panic! At the disco Miss Construction Emigrate Eminence of Darkness Eisbrecher ------ " I want to live in A world where the overriding ethos is to question and explore your sexuality and gender without the restrictions prevalent in 'normal' society. Questioning what is masculine and what is feminine is about redrawing the boundaries (or removing them altogether) surrounding activities that are seen as inherently male or female. I long for a world where the old oppositions of male/female, masculine/feminine, heterosexual/homosexual have dissolved. I want to live in a world where I am free to be whoever I want to be, whenever I want to be, male, female, other or neither" FAQ: Q: what type of spells do you cast? A: Healing, Love (like fixing a relationship issue), elemental (like calling upon an element as an aid) and several others Q: will you cast a spell for me to... A: probably not. I only cast spells for close friends if they really need it for a reasonable realistic reason Q: where do you get your clothes? A: I make the majority of my clothes And have a store but I also buy cheap items off wholesale. I loooove it. Q: are you Gothic? A: the proper term is Goth. Gothic refers to an old Germanic tribe. Q:will you help me become (mythical creature name)... A: no. Q:Do you worship Satan/Lucifer A: I do not There are Many more Q/As and if you've read this far, thanks