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3terna1_3y32's Profile

Member Info
Name: 3terna1_3y32
Birthday: Jul 4 1991
Location: Astral Plane: 78258
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 09 Sep 2014
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Another dimension will always be opened for it is inevitable; but always a mystery who will discover the different planes of existence that many are too cautious to explore.--- I am 3ternal_3y32; or otherwise pronounced as "Eternal Eyes"...; also something to know about me is that I have a tattoo on my left arm of the Eye of Thoth, possibly irrelevant or at least to the untrained mind.. Anyway; I have and hold my beliefs, strength, and understanding to the Latin language as well as the number 3 as it has special meanings and uses to me; as to be brief and speak lightly the numerical from within my nomen equals 3. I have little to explain, a plethora to share, but myriads to learn. I am Not a novice but neither a Grand Wizard as I do not see my level to be labeled; as it can only be a barrier that can limit one to see & understand their potential. For I am both a student and a teacher, to the minds that can truly accept enlightened possibilities. Over the past 2 & 1/2 years since the realization, opening, understanding, and controlling of my 3rd Eye; I can go beyond saying that life has never been the same. Among the visions, "unique" situations (sometimes nearly unexplainable), and methods both ancient and new; have given me insight on the way our world, no our universe continues to spiral... Yes, spiral; but that's another story. I have been practicing the art of Meditation for the last 7 years and performed my 1st Full-Length Death Meditation; about 2-3hrs, when I was approx 16 years old. Since then I have noticed a significant increase in mental stability, endurance, understanding, and endless improvement that I have yet to discover... But I know that it is soon to come. I have never used a wand nor do I see the need for one; for my mind and body are the only tools I see that are fully capable of carrying out the processes that I wish to be fulfilled. I follow the path of White Magic and have known and seen as a "Bridge" & a "Protector". Some ask, "A bridge to where?"... Not to where but to what. I am the bridge that completes the triangle of two completely different entities of either the same plane or different. I can open doors to planes that many have never thought existed or the ability to do so. I have seen the Astral Plane, opened the doors and roamed freely through the Spiritual Plane; I have seen and learned of ideas, languages, and powers that are yet to become. I've opened my ability to learn way beyond the limits of many who only fathom the comprehend. I am also a Protector of those who fall short of a greater task that could potentially cause harm to which. From personal experience that happened not too long ago; I will share briefly an encounter that could have nearly costed a friend his life or worse. -Despite his decision to follow a different path he forewarned me of the action he was about to undertake in which he was going to seek aide from a demonic spirit to do his bidding. It was the night of a full moon at 3am his time; now mind you he was in South Carolina and I was in Central Texas. I had just reached the astral plane in less than 4mins and I pinpointed his astral energy in no time at all from the massive aura that he was projecting. I was met with a protection spell, a barrier of fire, of which I began traversing through and could feel my physical body as if I was on fire but continued without hesitation. After passing through the burning stopped and I could see his aura as well as the demon he had summoned inside of a what looked to be a version of the Pentagram of Solomon. I saw that the demonic spirit was becoming restless with the means to break out of his prison and overtake the conjurer. I began using every bit of energy I could stop the demon and protect my friend. As my energy and physical consciousness began fading I can remember having a conversation, which I still cannot completely recall to this day, but as I knew if I did not prevail that possibly both of us would fall to demon he had summoned. All I can remember from this point was reciting a phrase I was told, I would understand its meaning and use when the time came; while on a Salvia trip. I said the phrase out of desperation and I was immediately filled with energy beyond my physical & astral limits. It was only then that I could stand strong against the demonic spirit from breaking through his prison and in turn keep my friend halfway across the country safe from physical/mental harm. After said incident was completed I remember having enough strength to return to my physical body to where I collapsed and awoke approx 30mins later feeling the emaculate feelings of being drained. This is one reason why I consider myself a Protector and a Bridge between entities of same and different planes. As I've stated I have little to explain, a plethora to share, and myriads to learn as time to slowly reveal one secret at a time. For those interested in connecting and intersecting paths... feel free to contact me in any way most comfortable. No explanation can be followed, cuz the knowledge is given before the event. I seek the Rites for Wrongs I have committed, and I seek the Highs for the Lows I have become. :::Also I am open for any covens looking to recruit someone such as myself, as I'd be a great addition to the already designed equation.