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Name: myname
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feel free to talk to me if you are bored or if you have any quistions usually i awnser right away but if i dont awnser for a while it means that im dead. just kidding it means that i used up my mail.

fav colour: blue.

stuff i love: anime, books, movies, riddles, school, music, etc...

sexuality: if you must know im straight.

stuff im scared of: eyes, water, hights, spiders, the dark, etc.... but for some wierd reason i really like to be around my fears.

i like to research random information in my spare time.

what is it are we looking for in life, what is the meaning? why are we so close yet so far from knowledge? is it because we dont ask enough questions, because we arent suposed to know, because theres to much to know. well all i know is that everything has more to it.

not knowing something isnt a weakness its an oprotunity.