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Name: MagicDrummer
Location: South Africa
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 30 Sep 2016
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Yes I'm a drummer and yes I'm emo
And no I don't care what people say about me I only listen to friends
And if you don't like it go check out someone else
I am adicted to magic and love the dark arts and nuture.
I have a strenght in herbs
Don't talk when your in my shAdow
Step into my shoes and you may speak
So Don't juge me before you know me
I'm born with pail skin fangs and very lite and nice blue eyes
Love it and no I can't turn people
If you like vamps please go check out their history were they come from every thing !
I make all my Magical tool myself like many before me I included some of it in my photos
I also believe that if you make it yourself it is made with your energy so keep it magical