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Name: AliveInDeath
Birthday: Jul 10 1992
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Greetings, my name is Nikki or AliveInDeath. First of all I am taken, so respect that.. I am an occultist and spiritualist of many years, having studied of the theurgy/occult/new age/unexplained for nearly a decade already.
I am skilled in a variety of 'magic', from herbal 'magic', to voodoo/hoodoo, & to evoking/dispelling demons with a concentrated thought.. Ever since I came back from death, I found that it is rather easy to communicate with other realms. --Chances are, if you ask me anything related to any subject I'm interested in, I'll know about it.-----
Likes/Interests: Music, piano, guitar, vox/lyrics, writing, sketching, astral travel, coffee, smoking, reading/studying, travel, photography, meditation, flower of life, occultism, philosophy, history, poetry, culture, etc.----
I will look around here some more and see what else I can add but until then, if you wish to know more about me, go to my main profile in the links section. Also, if you join Vampirerave, please use me, NikkiAidyn, as your referral and you will be watched over there.