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Hi My name is Lydia Choi I'm currently 20 years old Many of are probably asking why my profile name is Brianna will it is my middle name. I'm half korean, a quarter black, and a quarter Puerto Rican. For the last 3 months I have been studying magick and everything along with it. I hope to master everything there is about magick. So in the next couple months or so look for spells from me and many things I hope to complete during this new journey. :) I can be nice but I do have temper (so don't make me mad) I'm currently learning magick as you can see. My current status is in a relationship I'm respectful but if disrespect me I won't give my respect I'm A Pisces I don't have a favorite music since I like all of them I like all different colors but I like black,white,and red the most. DO NOT come write me on my profile if you have any bad intent. Also one more don't question me about my profile picture it's a picture I took one day when I was bored