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Name: inthenights
Birthday: Apr 23 1993
Location: 13666111478884471111 try to find me and who I am
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I have a extremely painful past being reinstated ton many times has made pain worse but there is a lot of joy to if you think you recognize me then lets talk don't be afraid of anything when you talk to me
I used to tell an old story that was twisted and edited and changed through the ages and history fated it away into legends far fetched fairytales but I stopped once I found the person I didEverything for
Also demons are real their more powerful than you think I had one in me until I died when I was 21 they're shape shifters the real name of the demon race has been lost for thousands of years but pretty much everything has existed at one point in time I used to share my knowledge with everyone but I've learned to be careful I've suffered from my actions for a long time until I was given a third chance and I've been doing things differently