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Name: PeaceLove
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I was a very narcissistic kind of person when I grew up, I've grown and learned more about myself than I'd ever have imagined. I am grateful to realize how powerful the human mind is, I feel it's not something everyone gets the chance to realize. I had this really weird dream today 03/27/2014, I had this dream I had been walking in the desert and ended up finding a town full of monsters that I had a dream about in the past, i forgot what I did, but I was not welcome there. I left and found a bright vivid pyramid temple in the distance, i had an odd flashlight that shined bright, I found the entrance on the side that was opposite of what I saw in the first place, I saw lots of dead mummified people, crypts, and the such. Then I found another entrance and found treasure. Odd it was I think. I actually remember this one dream quite vividly from my childhood. It was that I was in a black warehouse, empty, or so it seemed because it was so black. Then there was a black outline of a man in the white light from a door that opened, he slowly walked towards me, this instilled fear in me always. He slowly got more and more close and eventually he just held up a gun and shot me, the thing that is odd about this is that I was like 8 years old. I can't quite remember if I was introduced to violence yet at that age. Ever since then though, as a child, i have had these certain dreams, such as an hourglass that slowly fills up, and i feel my chest get heavy like I am having an anxiety attack or something, I am unsure if it is an anxiety attack though because I don't really have Anxiety Disorder. It doesn't happen anymore.