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Name: heyheyjackie
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Hey there! Welcome to my profile page!
My name is Jacqueline, but I prefer Jackie. It's more simple! I have a wonderful boyfriend named, Emil. I'm a college student currently studying English. In my spare time I love doing anything artsy, such as writing, painting, and drawing. I'm a huge lover of tea and coffee. I love nature. I don't mind sitting on my Tumblr account re-blogging and blogging things. I love American Horror Story and The Walking Dead.
I'm a pretty laid back person. I consider myself caring and loving. I'm a good listener and always there if someone needs a friend to talk to. I'm also determined and I like to get things done on time.
I've been studying Wicca and Magick for a year now. I want to hopefully become part of an online coven. Many of the covens in my state are quite far from where I live. I think the online coven will also help me become a part of one, but also learn from those who have more experience and knowledge. I'm interested in using herbs and other earth supplements. However, I do not want to practice voodoo or black magick.