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Name: NickSurace13
Birthday: Sep 3 1993
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A bit about me:

My name is Nick Surace. I have been on this site for close to two years. I am currently following the path of Wicca. I also read the Bible. I have been into Magick almost my whole life but I recently had to restart because of some personal problems I don't want to go into.

My Family is important to me. Some people on here I declare Family are: Lady_Zeb, GPS, Lewisj8, (and his other accounts. xD) 1moonmermaid, .moony., and others.

My Path so far:

I have been working on being Saint like. I wish to find peace in my life so I don't suffer like I have been. I have been reading on the path of Wicca again. I will Venture farther into the Path as I go along.

I am NOT a Christian Wiccan. I am just a Wiccan who also enjoys reading the Bible.

The List of Stuff I'm Studying is on my Other profile. Too lazy to code it onto this profile.

TO NEW MAGICK PRACTITIONERS: A word of advice to all newcomers to Magick that you practice, practice, practice the Basics. There are plenty of people with the Basics URL on their profile. Like my Dear friend Lady_Zeb. I hope she doesn't mind me putting her in my profile. xD But it's there on her profile.

  • I am taken by a wonderful woman. She makes me extremely happy. If you send me sexual mail I will Report and Block you.

    If you wish to know more about me just shoot me a mail. :)

    Nick Surace