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Name: gorgoroth
Location: Judeah (Israrel)
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my name is Mark and just as you i am interested in magickal practices and such forms of religion as - Asatru;Buddhism;the Kabbalah;the teachings of Yehoshuah son of Yoseph (known in North America as Jesus);Wicca;LaVeyan satanism;and the writings of Aliester Crowley =*= i was born in Ukraine but grew up all my childhood in Yuhudah (Israel)..right now i have to stay again in Ukraine (long story) at the day i am writing this (June 23 2008/moon calendar - 20 Sivan 5768) i am yet in Ukraine but i will go back to Israel in two more days in which i will spend two more months after which i will go back to Ukraine in which i will try to develop my spiritual side with the help of the teachings of Buddha and the help of Hinduistic and Wiccan practices after that year will end i will go back to Yehudah (Israel) trying to have a good time while at the same time preparing myself (both physically and spiritually) for the Ragnarök i will have to face (as well as you) =*= if i'll survive the Ragnarök even though i'll be living in a new world order and have no idea how will be life in those times with a little help from the gods i hope that after the first years (in which people will deal with reonstruction) i hope to keep living my life in the way i was doing it before the catastrophe =*= i don't label myself as a member of any subculture but if you will ask me to what subculture do i relate the most and to which of them does my musical sexual and religious preferences match mostly to i think it will be somewhere in between the gothic and the black metal subculture