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Mystic_Magus's Profile

Member Info
Name: Mystic_Magus
Location: Houston, Texas suburb
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 13 Sep 2013
Membership: Member

Personal Bio

"Spirituality seeks knowledge and understanding... religion seeks reward." -- author unknown

******** PROFILE UNDER DEVELOPMENT August thru Sept. 2013 ********

"Mystic_Magus" , my chosen spiritual name, comes from my decades of life experiences and the study of various religions and sects.

Definitions from Dictionary.com:

Mystic (adjective) -

1. involving or characterized by esoteric, otherworldly, or symbolic practices or content, as certain religious ceremonies and art; spiritually significant; ethereal.

2. of the nature of or pertaining to mysteries known only to the initiated: mystic rites.

3. of occult character, power, or significance: a mystic formula.

4. of obscure or mysterious character or significance.

5. of or pertaining to mystics or mysticism.

Magus (noun, singular of "magi")

- a magician, sorcerer, or astrologer.



Nearly all of my mystical studies and practices have been solitary for over 30 years (mostly continuous, but with a few months of neglect that occured a few times). It's hasn't been easy for me to find people with serious interest and intent... ones that aren't just interested in it because it is/was a fad... ones that wanted to do more than tinker around with mystical studies and practices.

My mystical interests, investigations, and practices began at a very young age (around 3 or 4 years old, seriously) because of different experiences I had. When I was about 6-years-old, my Mom advised me to talk with my grandmothers AND a great-grandmother (who I had the great fortune of spending one-on-one time with when I was in my adolescence). I was also very fortunate to recognize at that young age that is was "special time" that could stop at any day because of her age. My mom suspected that I was on the same extra-spiritual wavelength as them. I got A LOT of good info, advice, and stories from them and a few other family members during my growing-up years.

My life has never been the same after a severe traffic accident decades ago when I was a teenager and I was pronounced dead at the side of the road... it was an awesome out-of-body experience that I still recall with great detail. Some of my family says that I "brought something back with me from the other side", but my two grandmothers told me back then that visions (and other traits) also "runs in the family" with certain family members. My ex-wife didn't believe some of my claims until she saw and had some of my experiences with me... then she claimed I was a "magnet" for that stuff (most of it good, some stuff would have those "ghost hunter" shows totally freaking out).


Mystical and Magickal Background and Interests:

-- Details to be added later


Coming throughout the second half of 2013...

I look forward to posting and sharing some of my in-depth experiences and the knowledge I obtained from them... especially some of the "doors" that deep meditation can open (over 30 years experience). I'll profide some detailed "How To's" and suggestions. You can get pretty good at it within a year (or less) if you use proper discipline, specific mental execise techniques, and regular practice.

Spells that I have tested, modified, and re-tested will also be coming.

NOTE: Some of the meditational instructions (for the advanced practitioners) will come with some cautions because some unexpected "visitors" and manifestations can show up. One of my more extreme manifestations (all through deep meditation, no spells) brought a female spirit twice. During the first experience, a friend dropped by unexpectedly and when he entered my residence where I live alone he asked loudly, "Okay, where is she I can smell her perfume!" So I knew it wasn't my imagination. Several other experiences were much more intense and visual... with remaining visual and physical evidence that would not be for the weak hearted, or those who haven't learned certain protection skills.



I began using the book "Protection and Reversal Magick" (by Jason Miller) in early July 2013 and it has proven to be very effective (sometimes to a surprising extent) in fighting and reversing unjust forces in my life which have been going on for over 30 years (seriously).

Find the book at the Spells of Magic online store: http://www.spellsofmagic.com/shop_details.html?c=B&s=Spellcraft%2c+Candle+Burning+%26+Santeria&id=5805

Relevant Details to My Book Recommendation Above:

There has long been a half-hearted joke in my family that there seems to be a curse on the males from my moms side of the family (going back to at least to the mid-1800s.) Every time we get close to achieving virtually any significant success it all crumbles in the strangest, most absurd, against-all-odds ways. And when we do achieve a solid success and it looks like the troubles are finally behind us it all gets snatched away in less than a year. It hasnt mattered how smart we are, how hard we work, how well we work with others, how good we are at saving and managing money, or whatever. Two of my life-long friends Ive known since primary school are fond of saying about my life experiences: It could only happen to you. Unfortunately, that quote is WAY too accurate! --- and funny to them, but not me :-(

NOTE: Because of the ongoing severity and specifics for many generations, I suspect that a curse against the males in one segment of my family may have been done by a Native American medicine man when one of my ancestors married a Cherokee woman. I actually consulted with several Chickasaw men (not my Cherokee tribal ancestry) in 1997 when they mysteriously approached me in a southwestern American town were I was conducting a business seminar that they attended and asked me what tribe are you from? We got into some lengthy conversations that evening and I eventually felt comfortable enough to ask them if such a curse was possible. They told me ABSOLUTELY (and some other details). Because of my eyes I have often been asked by Native Americans and Asians about my blood ancestry.

GET THAT BOOK!!! Read it, implement it on a daily basis, and make it part of your magickal practices and existence and live the better life that you deserve!