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pastmystic's Profile

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Name: pastmystic
Birthday: Dec 8 1994
Location: Virginia, USA
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 04 Nov 2013
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
**NOTE: I do not have vampire, werewolf, etc. spells; if you're human I believe you should stay that way. Immortality isn't always a gift.** I feel very incomplete without Magick, when I was younger I would go to church with my grandmother; but I never felt that I belonged. My heart was never really in Christianity; but when I was introduced to Wicca, I felt happy and whole. I'm not opposed to Christianity, anyone can believe what they feel is right. Personally, I feel that bits and pieces from each religion have validation, not to mention that some of them are very similar, but I feel closest to Wicca. Most of the spells I do revolve around binding, protection and healing; but I don't limit myself to any type of spell. I protect the people close to me with everything I have, and if I don't have the right spell to get the job done, I'll either find one or make one. I won't turn anyone in need away, no matter how far you are, I'll send my energy your way. I work best with the wind - that came naturally to me - but I feel most comfortable in or around water, I love fire and use it the most in my spell work; and I admire the earth. I've always felt a connection to the elements, some more than others. I've had visions since this body was small and I've been able to sense the negativity or positivity in a person. I'm good at sensing creatures and I've always been drawn to them. I believe in things most people my age would laugh at; but that doesn't bother me. Seeing is believing, and I've seen some things. I love questions because knowledge is a beautiful thing. No questions are taboo to me, and if you'll let me, I'll ask you many things. I don't pry unless invited to do so. Send me some mail if you have any questions, I love meeting new people. I'm an honest creature, so even though it may be difficult to take, I'll tell you the truth. For anyone that's wondering, "Alte Seele" means old soul in German. I've been told that I have an old soul most of my life, it's entertaining to hear because it's humans that usually say it. It amazes me that humans can sense my old soul without realizing that it's true. I do absolutely love humans, though they are a point of aggravation sometimes. Don't be afraid to check out my website, it has my poetry, short stories, journals, an informative section, even a Wicca page (it's quite bare at the moment; but I'm writing some tings to fill it with). The website was started for a creative writing class I was taking; and even though it ended, I keep the website going. Chakra test results: Root: open (38%) Sacral: open (50%) Navel: open (50%) Heart: over-active (94%) Throat: over-active (75%) Third Eye: open (50%) Crown: open (62%) Chakra test website: http://www.eclecticenergies.com/chakras/ Blessed be.