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Name: Eortg
Birthday: Oct 27 2000
Location: Hiram, GA
Gender: Female
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Call me Ginger

We never really talk about magic or spells in my house, although it has always grabbed my attention. Saying that, I have no idea about pretty much anything on this site and my curiosity is eating me alive! I'm more so interested in the darker arts but all magick is fascinating. If anyone has and good beginner's tips for me I would highly appreciate it. I'm always up to talk about whatever, although I'm not very good at keeping a conversaton going, sorry.

My photos are public.

Zodiac =Scorpio

If you need someone to talk to I am always here to talk. I don't judge you based on how you look, but on how you treat me. I'm always looking for new friends so mail me! I'm also trying to learn tarot

If you don't reply I assume you don't want to talk to me so I'm not going to continue to bother you