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Zevae's Profile

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Name: Zevae
Birthday: Jan 30 1996
Location: State of realization
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 13 Dec 2013
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
My name is Monique, but I liked being called by my screen name "Zevae" by those who don't know me in real life. I have abilities that I've been working with my whole life, but not until recently have I learned what I truly have an interest in, which is the left hand path. The "dark side" of things have always intrigued me, does that make me a bad or hateful person? Of course not, in fact I'm quite friendly and open-minded, though I do get to the point, I don't like to "beat around the bush". I have a cat named Saintana, she is by far a princess of the house, but she's my big-black-furball of love! I'm currently love-struck by an enchanting woman by the name of Emma, she is everything I imagined in my dreams as a child and still to this day, I couldn't ask for a better person to steal the rug from my feet, she is "The salvation", the one I always dream, and imagine in my mind and ordinary-everyday things, the one I can't stop talking to and writing about, the first flower of my art, bright, brilliant, and amazing like her it would stand out in any patch of reality. I feel her in my dreams, my very self, yes, finally, no more "teenage crushes" or fake relationships, this one is here to stay, if not forever, long enough to make my life complete. It took me so long to catch her, I just want to hold onto her forever, like a statue, my hand to the rim of her cheek which fits so perfectly, yes this, this is the one, even if we part for new experiences, her love will last forever, stained like pen drawn onto paper; even if our relationship gets flooded with the waters of uncertainty, and eaten at by strain of time, the love will still be there, sketched into the spirit of the life after, my dear Emma, I will stand by her until time runs dry, even if I'm not there as her lover. I mostly play video games when I'm not drawing, writing, or going on ghost hunts with my friends. I call myself a gamer because that's mostly what I do, game. I also LARP, and I enjoy doing so very much, the person who got me into LARP is also teaching me aikido, which I practice daily. That's about all the exercise I do unless I walk to/with a friend. I revolve around my art, music, and writing because I like to stay inside and make up creative thoughts and put them where they fit best to me, I usually end up going back and editing what I did multiple times before I fell like it's truly complete. Yes, I draw mostly disturbing things like people being ripped apart, or tortured in some way, it's not because I'm "crazy", it's because I find beauty in people's suffering even though I don't create real life situations of such things. I mostly draw/write to get my feelings out so that I don't end up harming people that I care about or don't care about. I am one who won't hate you, even if I dislike the things that you do(if any), because I understand that people mess up, most of the time not on purpose. I also know that people sometimes do/say things they don't mean, or would ever say/do again, it's apart of everyone's life, so why should we hate each other for our actions unless it's purposely pointed towards yourself? Even then, understanding the general concept of how people growing from their pasts still doesn't seep through someone's head. We are always growing from our pasts, and will eventually realize that there's no end to a new future, even if someone's in a misty state, time always answers the question. If you want to add/message me go ahead, thanks for reading!