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Name: DavidKing
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Knowledge is power & Wisdom is Immortality. I seek both. I am a 17 year old practitioner who loves the science of the mystic arts. I make it one of my daily goals to enlighten and educate everyone I can about what magic really is (without being bothersome, of course). And to let them know that all magical power does not come from Lucifer. I do not identify with any religion. However, for the sake of a title, I am a Christian Magician that operates under the power of words/ voice. So many of the spells I post will not require many ingredients. Simply your willpower and your voice. Even though I do not worship darkness, I am fairly good at using it to my advantage. Some of my personal skills include mental projection, basic energy manipulation, empathetic (emotional manipulation) magic, curses, spell/ ritual writing, the ability/ skill to cast spells from many different time periods and languages, and quickly establishing spiritual connections (spirit guides, evocations, etc.) I've been watching and coming to this site for a few months now. I recently decided to join and share my vast yet finite library of knowledge with you fine people. I guarantee that I am not a "Fluff" that purposely posts harmful or obviously ineffective spells from TV shows and comic books! All of my spells come from Grimoires and Tomes. Or from the sessions with my spirit guides. I will post spells as often as my guides send them to me.