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Name: Jhadow_Fyre
Birthday: Mar 23 1995
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 28 Oct 2018
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i chosen "Jhadow Fyre" as a nick-name so people won't make fun of my real name while consentrating. i am a quick-learner (if given time) when it comes to different things that i find intresting. I can't feel the spark of magick and i want to change that for my life. Luck spells, fantasy spells, physical-appearance spells, and Psychic Abilities is what im willing to learn,... I haven't joined anybody yet, so im still a 'freelancer' fav. creatre(s): Dragon and Phoenix fav. color(s): black, red, gray, silver, gold, and platinum (i maybe enexperienced by magick, but i WILL know how to use magick one way or another) Sometimes I see myself as a Draconian or someone that is different (at least i want to be different, truth be told) I would like to strive to become a Draconian. When there is a will, there will always be a way. We all change for better or worse, it doesn't matter... people,life, even the world changes, and im planning to change what i am to see what will happen if people can change to what they want to become. You may mock me and my goal all you want, but im not going to quit... eventually, we will all change.