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Name: HermaeusMora
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I am a 14 year old male who is a Spiritual Satanist. I don't view Wicca or Neopaganism as legitimate religions or practices, they were written by people in the 20 century using pen names. www.joyofsatan.org explains my beliefs. If you don't agree, don't bother me, you'll be met with dangerous magic and the force of the gods. Really,I am an open person,but you have to start the conversation first.I don't just go start a conversation with someone.I like to wear black and have long hair,and am judged by that, especially being in the south.I don't like bright colors because they hurt my eyes.I have to wear glasses like most of my family,and people tend not to realize that.People make fun of me and call me emo.I found out what that means, and the only thing I get overly emotional about is my anger issues.I don't let anything verbal hurt me.I don't cut myself,or harm myself intentionally.Some people say I do,but they don't even know me.I think harming yourself,well,I know harming yourself isn't very smart.If I want to cut something,I go and whittle a stick,chop vegetables,or stab something else.I love to play video games,and sports.I used to play first person shooter games and still do,but not as often.Now,I play games like Skyrim,and more complicated Internet games.I used to play baseball,and stop because it got old and boring.I also hated getting hit by a ball,and I got hit a lot.Once,in practice,my coach hit me three times with the ball(by accident.)I wanted to play football,but I missed the sign-ups because they had it on one day only,and I was sick that day.I also realized that I would have to spend a great amount of time practicing and training (Everyday.) I don't plan to play anymore. I am on the math team in my school,and have been as long as they had it.I'm the best on the team.I am in the Beta club too.I haven't done anything in it though.I am on my school's archery team too.I made a 279 out of 300.Pretty darn good,and the best on my team yet.I really don't know how I made it the first year.But I got better progressively.My team has existed for three years,and we're on the fourth year,and I've been on it since the start.Last year,I was the best archer on the team,but then I wasn't practicing over the summer since I didn't own my own bow,I was just borrowing the school's bow.All three years we've made it to nationals and could have gone to world if we had enough money.We are going to nationals this year too.Hopefully we'll do well.I love to cook and grill.Love steaks and corn and barbecue and food.By the sounds of it,your probably thinking that I'm fat.Well,YOU'RE WRONG!I am 130 lbs. and am 5'10".Too skinny.And I eat a ton.How do I do it? Exercise,and I have a high metabolism.I hate being skinny.I wish I was a little heavier.Anyway,that's a little bit of my story.Hope you liked it,and if you don't,I don't care.