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LordCoagula's Profile

Member Info
Name: LordCoagula
Location: Oregon (somewhere on the Astral Plane)
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 16 Mar 2018
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Skal!! My name is Sam Goddard. I am 26 years of age. I am a Shamanic Witch and Hermetic Occultist/Magician/Thelemite. I also go by Frater Coagula. My usual interests are mostly playing instruments, most often the guitar, singing, gaming, art, and so forth. I am currently working on my own Tarot deck, designed around the shamanic occultist path of my temple. Strangely, I grew up somewhat Christian, became a born again Christian my freshman year of high school, then left my spiritual part of me fairly stagnant for a while. Several years ago I realized that I was clairvoyant to a degree, however if it weren't for that, my curiosity in astral experiences and everything else surrounding it would possibly just have been left to wonder. My spiritual ascent began near the sea over two years ago when I discovered books on animal speak in a pagan book store along the boardwalk. I had already begun work with healing crystals and incense, however the use of animal speak, as well as a newly peaked interest in the tarot, really caught my eye and thus my mind that day from then on. Recently my research in the Occult has taken me to new places, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, but my enlightenment continues to grow each day. For a while, I was practicing Magick and Shamanism with a close friend of mine in a Magickal Brotherhood we called the O.K.O.T.E.S., or the Order of the Temple Coagula. We have a huge interest in the works of the likes of Mathers, Solomon, Runyon, Waite, and anything else we can get our hands on, which includes also anything from Witchcraft to Oriental Magick. It is not an expert level Brotherhood, as we use it primarily for learning, practice, and exploration. It is not an elitist group either, for that matter, and we do not shun or look down upon those with open minds or open hearts. Music is a huge part of my life. (Understatement, indeed.) Although metal is probably the biggest genre I grew up with, I will listen to anything before condemning it ;) Highest ranking artists for me are ones like: -Anti-Cimex! -Sodom -Dungen -Agalloch -Mount Eerie -Alcest -Nile -Ahab -Celephais -Carcass -Veil -Sunn 0))) -Emery -Skepticism -The Used -Cephalotripsy -Napalm Death -ColdWorld -Elton John You get the idea. I do not use my abilities nor my knowledge to harm others without an ABSOLUTELY JUSTIFIABLE REASON. I will not attack someone without receiving it first, and thus I expect the same of others, creating a balance of equilibrium that seems to have gone missing in humanity. I will not use my Magick to harm anyone as the result of some sort of verbal encounter, as I have better and stronger ways of dealing with such things. As Karma holds the True and the Pure aloft, the rest will disappear and congeal within new lives. A good magician is a responsible magician. On that note, feel free to talk to me. I love meeting new people and I'm not an a**hole. (Unlike many pretentious fools I've seen on here...Anonymous Madmins, I'm looking at YOU. Stop aiming your Banguns at people with their own opinions.) I like to help in any way I can so any questions are accepted. Don't be shy! Come my fanatics, come, to the Sabbat... -Ave Coagula-