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Well I guess I should make a bio. My name is Jadrien but call me Jadey. I went through a phase and wanted to be called Daniel/Danny. I'm 14 years old and I'm still learning every day about magick. You can never just know everything about one subject, you can always learn more or improve your knowledge about it by practicing it. I'm don't really believe in one religion, I believe in multiple but not the entire religion. Things have been twisted since the religions were first created. I try to find the truth and figure things out from there. I have been doing magick since I was young because my parents both believe. They have been teaching me and I have been teaching them. Unlike most people, I don't want to learn about dragon magick or things like that. I want to learn about healing, the astral, and lots more. I'm very interested in the moon phases and how they make certain types of spells more powerful. My friend has also taught me lots about Advanced Meditation and Zodiac signs. Every day I take the time to do meditation and most of the basics. I find meditation is very calming and it makes me feel relaxed after I have done it. After I learned about Advanced Meditation I've found meditation more enjoyable and way more relaxing. I've always wondered about why there's so many different beliefs but I found out that beliefs usually help people to not be scared about what's beyond. Greek Mythology came from people making the Gods and Goddesses up to make them less scared of the unknown. I read this series called the Uglies and it was very interesting, after their beauty surgery at 16 they would put things in their brains to keep people from being destructive and killing each other. It reminds me of the Christian/Catholic beliefs how if you're not good you'll go to Hell and be punished by Satan, but if you're good you get to go to Heaven with God. And like Santa, parents would say if their kids weren't good that they wouldn't get any presents that year. It's amazing how different religions affect people isn't it? Well, I'll be updating this soon to give you more information. Thank you for reading and feel free to message me.