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I am who I was born to be,

I am one who was taught to see.

I rushed to the gods to meet,

I threw myself at their feet.

Dreams and goals with my reach

For I have learned good speech.

~About Me~

I am a practitioner of several years now. I have studied several traditions in some form or another, and can answer questions to the best of my ability, but I am only one person, and I only know so much this far in my short life.

~Simple FAQ~

Q: Can I become a dragon/werewolf/angel/demon/vampire/animal/plant/other?

A: No. You are physically human, and in this life you will always be physically human.

There are religions where the soul of a person may inhabit an animal's body, however, that does not mean you can physically transform into something other than human. Things such as mental or astral shifting and channelling can be of use if you want to work with the energies of certain beings, but by no means does mentally shifting your consciousness to that of a frog make you a frog.

Q: Are vampires/werewolves/mermaids real?

A: Symbolically? Yes. Astrally? They can be. Physically? No chance.

There are things such as psi vampires which are truthfully energy leeches. These people who leech energy from others cannot be considered true vampires and should not be referred to as vampires as they do not gain any advantage by doing so. There are groups that drink blood and are energy vampires, but they, again, should not really be considered vampires. Werewolves are fully impossible unless you mentally shift, channel energies and/or beings, or shift on the astral. But by no means does doing any of this stuff make you any sort of werewolf.

Exist in reality people!

Q: I'm a beginner, what should my first spell be?

A: You should work for a while on things such as meditation, visualization, energy flow and control, correspondences, path finding, and research, research, research! These things will assist you more than trial and failure. And they are not quite as difficult to do as you will think at first.