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Name: Klayton
Birthday: May 15 1997
Location: Tipton, Indiana
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 01 Aug 2013
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Hey it's Klayton. I am new to all this. I've written down a couple chants and spells and what not with different procedures in my little book I got just for this kind of stuff. The only thing I have done is meditate to find peace before bed. I would love to learn spells and increase my capacity. I do not plan on using anything for evil purposes. I choose only to be able to defend myself against enemies, get what I want some of the time when it is reasonable, and furthermore to be able to teach future generations once I have become accomplished enough. Another goal I have is to be able to work and weave magic through my music,art, and my hobbies. I draw quite a bit, paint occasionally, play guitar frequently , sing frequently , and write various literature form time to time.