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Name: Wolflady25
Birthday: Dec 24 1997
Location: South Carolina
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I got gagged on my last account so this is mine. SO if you read on my last account, i'm a pretty dark person. I'm 13 and i only dicovered my true power last year.Oh, by the way, please call me Autumn. I am 5'6. And i love my real boyfriend,Jacob.
Hair color:Dirty Blonde with beach blonde highlights.
eye color:Blue/grey
Style:Blue jeans and a black shirt.
Magick style:black
For all you who hate goth people, think of the time in your life when you was going through the stage where you hated everything.
You say Justin Bieber, I say Justin Moore
You say Jason Durlo, I say Jason Aldean
You say T-Pain, I say T-Swift
92% of teens turned down country, if your part of that 8% left pst this on your profile.
Boys don't do crap if you're sad, friends are there for you.
Boy's don't come and watch movies and eat icecream with you if you're upset, friends will.
Boy's dont let you talk about your day, Friends listen.
Boy's aren't forever, and Friends are.
If you agree post this on your profile.