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donell16's Profile

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Name: donell16
Location: In the dark where I
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 21 Jan 2018
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I'm actually 21 now. Everything on here is so outdated. I'm currently almost 19 and a half, so yeah. age:17 almost 18 sexuality: omnisexual music: depends on my mood wide variety just not really rap or country or certain classic things but eminem height: 6"3 looks: black hair, beard mustache, brown eyes that change shade yet have carvings in them pretty lean relationship status: waiting... activities: skateboarding,bmx, walking, art (all forms and kinds), writing(songs poems stories ect), sing (almost any form/style I can do), music (few instruments), gaming and more I'm not on as much as I used to be but feel free to message me, some of the stuff below is still relevant. But I have not read it in quite some time just don't message me if. You're racist or highly judgmental of others I may add more to this later. I'm open to speak to anyone pretty much haha.~11/17/14 stuff below is very out dated BIO IS OUT DATED I'LL CHANGE IT SOON I had my old bio up for awhile and decide to change it. So this is it AND SORRY IF I DIDN'T REPLY TO YOUR MAIL. SOMETIMES MY MESSAGES DON'T ALWAYS GO THROGUH Chakra test results I need to work on these Root: under-active (-38%) Sacral: under-active (6%) Navel: under-active (-50%) Heart: open (50%) Throat: under-active (0%) Third Eye: over-active (69%) Crown: under-active (-6%) You Scored as Lavender (aura test results... I'm very reponsible thou so maybe I answerd something wrong?) Your predominant color is lavender.You love fantasy concepts such as faeries,angels,and myths.You love imaginary pictures and artwork(check out Gilbert Williams),and tend to be very sensitive.You aren't very dependable or responsible,being as you prefer your daydreams to the frigidness of physical reality. Lavender 67% Indigo 65% Blue 60% Orange 58% Crystal 58% Abstract Tan 56% Magenta 50% Violet 46% Yellow 46% Green 44% Red 44% You Scored as Precog (my Empath results) You are a Precog Empath. You are a visionary & a human thermostat. You can predict outcomes and see where paths may lead. You are a good scout and a guide to others. Be careful of your dreams. Your sight penetrates the veil that hides the truth from mankind. Fallen Angel 90% Precog 90% Traveler 80% Shaman 80% Universal 75% Artist 60% Judge 55% Healer 40% Name : Donell My age now is : 15years My height is : over 6ft tall Anime!!!!: love them all :D My hair is : short now but used to be long and is black My eyes : are a blackish brown color with what looks like carved marking on the inside (I'm not sure what to call them really) Sexuality : pansexual (ask me and ill tell you what that is) Status : single About me magick related : I don't do magick really but I use this site to learn more about many other things that help is a variety of ways I used to be forced into being a christin but I desided not to be because it dosent fit me and I don't. Like things forced apon me. I wish and hope to learn to be neo pagan if anyone can help please message me? And also I can see the long distance future withing my dreams unlike others who see the soon to come future (so I heard). Well that was boring me just typing it haha well on. To the fun part :) I love all animals and people well not every single person but most some people tell me it dosent mean much and that I don't really love everyone but I do i I have a genaral love for all those on earth and for my friends I love them very very much!! Id do anything for them there all like my family. Most I even call my brother and sisters (I don't have real siblings thou sadly) ill always protect them and care for them no mater what! :) Oh and I love emos goths scenes there all really nice I don't know why people don't like them which makes no sence cause everyone is there own person. I personal don't judge but a lot of other people idk? And I'm a looner just so you know but always happy. And I have total respect for girls there honestly better than guys by far :) ill never hit or yell at one ever actrual I never have I don't think and I don't want too. Most beautiful (is creatures offencive?) Well most beautiful people then. And I'm madly in love with wolves!!! My fave things to do are skateborad write(songs poems stories) draw build and crafts I can make almost anything haha :) My fave music is hardstyle speedcore (there a lot more core's and style's). I love the bad FALLING IN REVERSE THERE AMAZING!!!! Screamo I can actrual sing when I try hard enough I'm like extremly shy in public I hide most things like emotions and I were my hood up when I walk around because I feel like everyones staring at me and makes me uncomfortable I used to not talk for years as a young kid now I talk more but I'm very quite most of them time people see me walk in a room then 5 mins there forget I was there entirly when I'm standing or sitting right next to them. Likes : rain storms. Video games. Anything horror. Extreme sports. Emos. Goths. Scenes swimming ect Dislikes : hateful judgeful people. Drinking smoking ( for me). Fav drink is milk (odd I know but its good!!) Fav food not sure??? I don't get that awkward feeling so mail me about anything you wish I always answer no matter who you are :) Sorry if I offended anyone mail me if I did and ill take what ever offended you off btw I'm a horrible speller!!! DX (I like my old bio better :o )