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-The Broom Closet Coven Application-
1. White magick is the origin of my beliefs. I do not support nor do I engage with doers of black magick. I do not believe in harm for selfish ways, I only believe in helping people and mending the holes of evil with a needle of white magick healing. I believe in meditation to be the key to opening my mind and being able to communicate with forces far more powerful that my mortal body. I practice daily on new spells and potions that I could find useful in the future.
2. I think I can contribute my experimental mind toward new spells and potions that could be useful. I can contribute kindness and only kindness to our coven and if I feel that our coven is threatened by others, I will do my best to protect us from any harm coming our way. I think that since everyone is different, everyone has a twist to their own beliefs, that I could give you a taste of my belief, of my way of spellcasting and potion creating.
3. I may want to learn more about how to creat healing spells and how to use protection spells that I could use to bless and protect my family as well as myself (of course if anyone does know how to do it). I want to learn the ways of the priest/priestess. I shall look up to him/her and understand what, in their beliefs, is right and wrong and what kind of spells are more useful than others. I am willing to do anything to learn from my leader.
4. I am online daily.
5. I am a white magic witch, I dream of someday maybe creating my own coven to lead people into the paths of good and white magic, I enjoy testing different spells, browsing spell books, and learning about which potions and spells are more powerful than others and which ones could be strong enough to protect white magick against the powers of black magic.