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Hello there. Call me shade ((I hate my username on this site.))Ill keep it clean- I believe in things that you dont believe in. Im very knowledge when It comes to werecreatures, therians, otehrkins and other humans with animal souls. Im there to help you if you have any question/ problem/.. on this topic. Im a cougar inside. You dont have to believe me. But If youre going to write me rude things forced on my believe, like for example: Youre stupid werecats do not exist- the little X on the top of your screen is waiting for you. Press it. Because Im real.


May the moon will lead you to the darkness, where we run wild.

If there is a will, there is a way.

Howl to the moon,
Howl to the stars,
Howl to the wind,
..and someone will howl back...

On a wings of night.