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Name: CodaGemini
Location: Illinois
Gender: Male
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~The pic above is Rowena (my fave) from Supernatural~
There is a reason for everything and a reason on what brought you to my profile. Thank you for visiting, my practitioner's name is Coda, Lo Stregone... Lori Burno (A Strega and tarot reader) once called me a Mago. SO MANY NAMES!!!
I have been practicing witchcraft half a decade. If there is one reason as to why I practice Magic, it is to help people. At the moment trying to develop my psychic abilities to do readings for people when they have come to a bit of a rut in their life. I can give pretty good advice when needed, especially retaining to magic. Recently I have come to find I have the gift of clairaudience, so if you have a question for me just ask. Whatever you would like, hmu just to chat :)
I'm have experience with:
Tarot Reading
Crystal and candle magic
Greek and roman deities (mostly goddesses, Ex: Hecate, Demeter, Selene)
Clairaudience (would like to improve)
Italian witchcaft
Spirit animals (Owl and phoenix are mine)